Setting Alerts In TradingView

1. Alert Setup

Once the indicators have been added to your chart, navigate to the alerts tab on trading view and click the clock as seen below in the upper right hand corner

This will open up the alerts creator table for you to customize.

1.First you must select the indicator condition, either ProAlgo or ProAlgo Oscillator to use in the alert depending on what you want.

2.Second you must select the condition for the alert. AKA what action on the indicator would you like to be alerted of as seen below.

3. Third you must select the type of alert. You can get notified of the alert execution via the TradingView mobile app, a pop-up on your PC, an email, or in the case you have a premium subscription to TradingView, a webhook.

4. Lastly, you must select the name and message of the alert contents. This information is what you will see when the alert triggers. The Alert name and message will appear together. To activate a dynamic variable like the price of the asset at the time of the alert click on the ? to find proper syntax.

Video also explaining

Note: TradingView limits the # of alerts you can have based on your subscription.

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