DynaPro Trading


1. "Buy" and "Sell" Alerts

Get extremely accurate buy sell alerts on your chart for all time frames and all trading styles on any asset class. These alerts determine a trend beginning or ending.

2. "Take Profit" Signal

Entry is an extremely important aspect of trading, but exiting is even more important. Our system gives explicit take profit alerts and tells you when to get out of the trade.

3. Reversion Bands

The strongest indication of trend reversal are our proprietary reversion bands that give alert to when a trend will end and a new trend will begin.

4. Confirmation Cloud

To provide additional confirmation, our adjustable EMA cloud gives clear trend direction on all time frames

5. Automated Support and Resistance

Our automated support and resistance areas can be used to identify price points on a chart where the probabilities favor a pause or reversal of a prevailing trend.

6. ADR Support and Resistance

The ADR indicator (Average Daily Range) calculates the most important value − the average daily price range for the selected financial asset.

7. ProAlgo Side Panel

This table provides higher time frame trends, suggested position, volatility, and the value of the oscillator

8. Stop Loss

Will highlight the stop loss on the signal it gives on all timeframes, also helps identify potential fake out trades. Uses an customizable average true range multiplier to determine the level.

9. Alerts

Customizable alerts with multiple filtering options for higher timeframe confirmations

10. Signal Filters

Multiple filter options to only show the most high probability buy/sell signals available. With customizable EMA/SMA filtering for whatever input you desire.
VWAP filtering for the day traders as well as ProTrend trend filter for adding additional confluence by following the trend of another timeframe.

11. Pro Trend

A tool used for confirmation that can help determine entry/exit points before a buy/sell signal occurs.